VINU's metaverse aspirations

Summary: VINU is not just a memecoin to be bought and sold. It will be an anchor element in the VINU metaverse.

The VINU metaverse (Vinuverse) will be a digital world where people can play, socialize with each other, and even invest and earn.

VR Worlds & GameFi

The VINU VR world is a persistent digital space that users can access with VR headsets. As this continues to be developed, these are some of the things that users may be able to do:

  • Play: Play games with other users

  • Socialize: Chat with other users, and even attend social events together

  • Customize: Generate and add content to the VINU VR world, making the space into their own

  • Invest: Take customization one step further, and buy your own plot of land within the Vinuverse. This can be rented or sold as you please, just like real estate in the physical world

Avatar NFTs

The avatars in the Vinuverse may also be minted as NFTs, which may grant further access to special areas within the Vinuverse and beyond. VINU will also be releasing various NFTs, which can be used as profile pictures and identity markers as users move through the digital world on various platforms.

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