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Cross-chain Bridging

$VC is listed on multiple chains via bridges.
$VC is native to VinuChain and bridged to BNB Chain (BSC).

Token Address:

Here are the addresses:
  • As it is the native gas coin of the VinuChain protocol, it does not have a contract address.
  • For applications that require its contract address, you can simply omit it / leave it blank.
  • $VC on BNB Chain is a wrapped version of VC.
  • The only way $VC can circulate on BSC is by first bridging it from VinuChain to BSC.
  • Therefore, the total real supply of $VC across all chains is always the same as the total supply of $VC on VinuChain.
  • $VC sitting in bridge hot/cold wallets on BSC are simply placeholder supply (not circulating / not 'real').


You can use Wanbridge to conduct cross-chain transfers of $VC: