Roadmap for VinuChain $VC


  • Listings, Partnerships, Third-Party Developers, and Marketing efforts are ongoing activities and therefore are not specifically projected in the roadmap as it is a given they are always being worked on. The Roadmap is not final and will be updated retrospectively to add new items that are either achieved or planned. The Roadmap offers insight into the team's plans and expected delivery dates, but is not gospel and therefore subject to change at any time.

Roadmap - VinuChain $VC


  • Multichain: Bridge $VC to more chains

  • dApp: VinuWallet (Wallet)

  • dApp: VinuSwap Perps Market

  • dApp: DAO Governance Platform

  • NFTs: VinuPunks

  • VinuChain "Odin" Network Upgrade


  • dApp: VinuBurn (Dashboard)


  • Multichain: Bridge $VC to Ethereum

  • Exchange Listings: UniSwap v3 (ETH)

  • dApp: VinuNFT (NFT Marketplace)


  • VinuChain "Ymir" Network Upgrade

  • VinuWear (Clothing Brand)

  • dApp: VinuSwap (DEX)


  • Exchange Listings: HEXN

  • Burn: Foundation node burns VC

  • dApp: VinuFinance (DeFi)

  • Partnership: 3look

December 2023:

  • VinuExplorer (Explorer)

  • Exchange Listings: BitPanda

  • Partnership: Quidli

  • Trackers: CoinMarketCap

November 2023:

  • Multichain: Bridge $VC to Vite

  • Exchange Listings: Vitex

  • Partnership: XGate

October 2023:

  • VinuChain IDOs/Launchpads

  • VinuChain Grants Program

  • Exchange Listings: Mexc, Gateio, Pancakeswap

  • Partnership: Wanbridge

  • Trackers: CoinGecko

September 2023:

  • VinuChain Mainnet

  • VinuScan (Explorer)

  • Multichain: Bridge $VC to BSC

August 2023:

  • VinuChain Testnet

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